LLocalAid, founded in 2009, is a non –profit organization driven by a passionate and determined team fighting for the rights of vulnerable street children and the welfare and dignity of marginalized communities in Kenya. Its mission is to service the needs of these underprivileged groups in respect to health, education and poverty eradication through empowerment & sustainability. LocalAid provides care to 75 children in total, 25 of which are living at NHF (New Horizon Family).

NHF is a home offering holistic care to former street children andempowering them through education and sustainable living, such as greenhouse organic farming. It is an initiative that aims to bring about equality and opportunities for orphans/street children so they are able to thrive and live a dignified life. Additionally, LocalAid’s Education Outreach Programsupports the educational needs of children who have been reunited with their guardians after successful rehabilitation through the New Horizon Family home.

The program also provides education and mentorship to vulnerable children from rural communities. Most of these children are placed in boarding schools throughout regions in Kenya. Furthermore, LocalAid offers affordable and accessible healthcare services to the community through LocalAid Community Clinic, which is situated within an urban slum in Nairobi.

The Clinic recently launched a Therapy Centrewhich provides services to children with special needs. The Therapy Centre offers occupational, physio, speech therapy and nutritional support. ‘There are 400,000 street children in Kenya, our aim is to empower as many vulnerable children as possible, so that one day the streets will be free from hungry, abused and threatened young children’ ~LocalAid~